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Tummy Tub

The TummyTub is an easy, stress free and safe way to bath and settle your baby. The popularity of the TummyTub has been growing worldwide, with TummyTub was developed in cooperation with midwives, NICU nurses, physicians and psychologists and has been used in homes, neo-natal units, maternity wards, nurseries and children's hospitals for more than 10 years. The Tummytub is endorsed by medical Professionals as the best way to bath your baby.
The TummyTub uses only 5 litres of water on average, approx. 10 litres less than conventional baby baths. Therefore, the TummyTub saves water and energy! It is easy to carry and kinder to your back. The TummyTub is lightweight even when full, very important for new mothers, especially after caesarean delivery. After bathtime you can easily carry the TummyTub outside and water your garden or lawn - no waste of water!
Some of the many benefits of the Tummytub

View baby from all sides because of the transparent material
Durable material/design
Easy to hold the baby
Relaxing warmth all over baby's body
Stress free bathing
Non-slip rubber ring on the base for stability
Meets the highest safety and quality standards
Babies feel secure in the unique shape
Lightweight even when filled
Easy to carry - ergonomic handgrips
Space saving design
Relaxed upright position for both parent and baby
Portable so perfect for travelling
Environmentally friendly - only uses 5 litres of water
Water stays warmer for longer
Tummytub can be recyclable

Why not a normal bucket?

Normal buckets don't have an anti-skid ring. The bottom is not curved and therefore does not give the baby any support.
Babies discover and explore things with there mouths. The pigments in plastic buckets are toxic, normal buckets are not designed for bathing babies.
The handle on a bucket can pinch baby's fingers and can also be used by an older sibling to pull the bucket off a table.

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Multifunctional Tummytub stand is available in Green, Blue and Pink.
Tummytub only (Clear)