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Safe T Sleep

Safe T Sleep sleepwrap

What is it?

The sleepwrap provides a safer sleeping environment for your baby by preventing tummy sleeping and potential falls from cots, cribs and beds. As your baby grows the adjustable sleepwrap can be used to assist with the transition from bassinet/crib to cot to bed.

The Sleepwrap is recommended for babies and young children up to approximately three years of age (and sometimes older for special needs children and recreational boating use). 

Research and trails utilising the sleepwrap have shown just some of its benefits to be

Keeps babies' faces clear during sleep.
Prevents climbing and falling during the few minutes before sleep and after waking.
Encourages longer more settled sleep.
Safely maintains a back or side sleeping position
Makes visiting and travelling with babies easier and more practical
Reduces parental anxiety about sleep safety.
Ease the transition from cot to bed.

Doctors, nurses and physiotherapists recommend the Safe T Sleep sleepwrap to control sleep positions in a number of medical and surgical situations including caring for premature babies and helping to position apnoea monitors; post-operative positioning for some operations; protecting colostomy bags or porta catheters; positioning of patients with broken limbs, burns, gastro-oesophageal reflux, hiatus hernia, cleft lip and palate, and cranial osteopathy

Is it safe?

More than 200,000 Safe T Sleep's have been used worldwide since its launch in 1992 without a single reported death or injury, while NZ SIDS statistics suggest more than 100 SIDS deaths could have been expected in a group of this size.

Dimensions are strictly specified and fabric has been scientifically tested for breathability, washability and strength, to ensure no risk of entanglement or "bunching" of fabric.

How does Safe T Sleep Work?

Parents are encouraged to use Safe T Sleep's in conjunction with safe bed making practices.

A wide fabric section is secured around the mattress and is attached to a second fabric strip that wraps underneath the armpits and around the baby's torso leaving arms and legs free to move naturally. You can adjust the Sleepwrap to suit the baby's stage of development, size and mobility

Safe T Sleep can be used with or without rolled up towels or nappies to aid sleep positioning.

Side or back sleeping is possible, while still helping to prevent babies rolling onto their tummies, or creeping into dangerous, cold or awkward positions.

The compact nature of the Safetsleep Sleepwrap conveniently allows your baby to sleep safely wherever you go. Visiting friends, on holidays or at babysitters house.

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